Monday, March 29, 2010

Birthday, Sister's Baby Showers, and Gymnastics

Well its been sometime since I have blogged so I decided that I needed to write about a few events that have happened since my last blogging. It was my birthday on the fourteenth of March. Travis spoiled me and COMPLETELY shocked and surprised me and got me a Wii for my birthday along with the game Super Mario Bros. Wii. It is so much fun! I spent my birthday in St. George with Trav's family. I didn't take any pics because I always forgot to. I was ticked that I didn't take any! I've decided that I need to be better about documenting my life with my camera. :) Anyways, St. George was a lot of fun. We loved being able to spend time with his family on vacation. It was warm the first day we were there and the last two days. The rest of the time it was windy and cold. It was still a lot of fun though. After St. George, I had a little family birthday party at my house and it was tons of fun. On my cake, Brenda and Jill didn't have twenty candles but they had a five and a zero and one candle. So on my cake, I was fifty one. Hahaha. In some of the pictures you'll see Jacob holding a box and hitting people with it. Sometimes our parties get out of control but they are always so much fun! The kids loved the bean bag and of course Todd and Papa loved teasing the kids. It was a blast.

Also these past few weeks, Jill came home this last week for nine days. It was great seeing her because it had been kind of a long time. She looks so cute pregnant. I was happy to be able to spend time with her while she was here. And during her stay, we had baby showers for her. They were a lot of fun and everyone on both sides of the family were happy to see Jill and support her. One funny thing that happened at the Margetts shower was when we were opening presents, Jill started to open Brenda's present and she pulled out a pink baby rattle. It was adorable but unfortunately, Jill was having a boy...not a girl. Hahaha. It was hilarious. I asked Brenda why she got a pink one and she laughed with everyone and said that that rattle was the only one she liked and made a good noise. She didn't even notice the color because she was so wrapped up in sound of the rattle. It was a classic moment. We took it back and got Jill a boy rattle. :)

The Margetts crew

Driving to the Baby shower at the Training Table.

The pink rattle

Baseball. The greatest sport. :)

Homemade blanket by T.Y. and her Grandma
I also got to go to the U of U gymnastics meet against BYU. I loved watching it and the U did great. Me, Brenda, and my friend Lacia went. We got to sit in some great seats thanks to Lacia's connections and we got the coolest sunglasses that were on the seats. They lit up and did eight different light patterns depending on the button you push. It was neat seeing all the glasses flashing everywhere when they turned off the lights to announce the U gymnasts.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Cruisin' in the Cold

We recently went on a vacation with my family and the Inkleys to Disneyworld in Florida and a cruise to the bahamas. It was a ton of fun! The only thing that wasn't perfect about the trip was the weather. We happened to go during Florida's random cold spell. It was freezing! We layered ourselves in clothes. It was barely tolerable but the weather wasn't enough to stop us from enjoying the happiest place on earth..Disneyworld. The cruise was also a blast. It was a hair warmer in the bahamas, however the water was warmer than the air. It was crazy but a ton of fun!
The castle was so pretty with all the lights on it.
My most favorite disney character!
On the catamaran. The water was so blue!
Me, as a princess. :)
This tree was so neat. It had so many sculptures in it of every animal!
Fireworks show!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

First Post & Married

This is my first posting on here. I'm so excited to start this blog! Trav and I hardly ever take pictures and now this is an excuse to start taking more. Since we recently got married I guess I'll talk about our wedding and post some pictures of it. We got married early in the morning at 8:40 AM. I got about three hours of sleep that night so I was exhausted that morning. After we got married we had our lunch in at Madeline's Steak House. It was delicious! Afterwards we had our wedding reception at a church and it turned out gorgeous. We served Cold Stone and it turned out to be a big hit. We loved seeing everyone that came and really appreciated everyone coming out and supporting us. Our wedding day couldn't have turned out better! We went on our honeymoon to my family's condo in St. George. It was a lot of fun down there, especially since it was a lot warmer than Salt Lake. After our honeymoon we were able to come back and start setting up our house. It took a lot of work and we recently just finished putting everything together. And now we're so happy and excited to begin our new life together!